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i3 Wireless Nursecall system

Awesome FeaturesUtilising the latest technologies

Complete Customization

We believe that you should be in complete control of your system. With 1000s of customisable options the i3 nursecall display can adapt to your ideal situation.

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Truly High Performance

Wireless or wired, the i3 network works using the latest monitored ip technology, meaning messages are delivered fast and securely locally or remote.

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Smart Notifications

Keep on top of your system. Be notified of your maintenance alarms and there urgency so that you can keep your home running smoothly.

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Eco System

With a huge range of solutions that work seamlessly on there own or together to suit your needs and to create a stress free fluid business.

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Cloud Data Storage

Control your business from wherever you need. All i3 products are kloud ready. View the performance of your business and manage it from anywhere.

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Cross Compatible

All of our products are compatible with most systems on the market, so why not upgrade the parts you dont like with one of the i3 range.

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Raising AlarmsMultiple ways to call for help

i3 Wireless Nursecall system alarm devices
i3 Wireless Nursecall Display

Viewing The Alarms

Active nursecall alarms are easily viewed on our 15.6” or 11” touch screen display. Each alarm type has a unique soft tone to alert carers of the urgency to respond. Alphanumeric pagers alert care staff directly and aid in keeping noise levels in the home down to a minimum.

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Access The Alarm Data Anywhere

The Kloud can be accessed from any internet enabled device. Simply login to our secure server and all your key performance indicators are presented in easy to view reports.

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i3 Wireless Nursecall Kloud Logger

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