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i3 Wireless nursecall location pager


Accessed from anywhere in the world on any device, use kloud data to manage your business and provide better targeted care.


  • Smart Notifications
  • Manage multiple sites
  • Safe and secure data
  • Automatic emailed reports

Comprehensive Reports

From day one, the idea behind the i3 wireless nursecall range was to capture comprehensive data of the day to day running of a care facility. We believe that all of this data can help show you where and how to distribute your resources to provide better care and to save you money and time. The kloud analyses all of this captured data and provides easy to read quick reports on your response times, most active residents, busiest hours of the day etc.

i3 Wireless Nursecall display ip
i3 Wireless Nursecall Kloud Logger

Automatic Emails

With all of the responsibilities and distractions that come with running a care home, we know its easy to forget about analysing your nursecall data. Kloud can automatically send an overview to you and five other emails saving you time.

Keep Up With Maintenance

If you have multiple care homes it can be hard staying on top of maintenance, kloud gathers all of your maintenance issues and nursecall system events and shows them in one easy to read place split up by site. Maintenance staff can log in to kloud and view any outstanding issue with any i3 wireless nursecall product.

i3 Wireless Nursecall Kloud Logger
i3 Wireless Nursecall Kloud Logger

Existing Nursecall

Best of all, Kloud can be added to your existing nursecall system without the need to replace any equipment. The kloud shuttle is easy to install and provides your existing system with extra features so you dont miss out.

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